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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 報告:英国における遺伝看護
Other Titles: Genetic Nursing in the U.K.
Authors: 須坂, 洋子
有森, 直子
Keywords: genetic nursing
certified nurse specialist in genetic nursing
genetic nurse counselor
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 39
Start page: 65
End page: 69
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 聖路加看護大学
Abstract:  本学では2011 年4月より,大学院修士課程において遺伝看護学専攻が開設された。現在は2名の学生が専門 看護師をめざす上級実践コースで学んでいる。英国では,遺伝専門看護師は遺伝カウンセラーと同等の資格とさ れ,Genetic Nurse Counselor(以下GNC)として活動している。今回は,本学の遺伝看護学演習の一環として, 英国のGNC に話を聞く機会を得た。遺伝看護を教育するPlymouth University や,ロンドンにあるUniversity College London Institute of Neurology 内のPrion Clinic などを訪問した。GNC は,遺伝がもたらす心理社会的 影響へのケアに取り組み,また遺伝性疾患の患者・家族の長期に渡る援助を行っていた。さらに遺伝性の希少疾 患を専門に受け持ち,その疾患のサーベイランス,コホート研究も行っていることがわかった。これらの学びか ら,日本の遺伝専門看護師の実践についての示唆を得ることができたので報告する。
Abstract-Alternative:  A Genetic Nursing Course was established in St.Luke’s College of Nursing Graduate School in April 2011. Currently enrolled are two graduate students studying in the genetic nursing specialty.  In the U.K., a certified nurse specialist in genetic nursing is considered to be qualified as equivalent to a genetic counselor, and can work as Genetic Nurse Counselor(GNC). As a part of the genetic nursing practice, we recently visited the U.K., and had an opportunity to talk with several GNCs. We visited Plymouth University, which educates genetic nurse, the Prion Clinic at the UCL Institute of Neurology in London and several other institutes. GNCs attend to the psychosocial effects which “heredity” brings about, and are offering support over the long period of time to those patients having certain genetic conditions and their families. Furthermore, one of the GNCs we visited specializes in a rare hereditary disease, and is conducting some surveillances and cohort studies of this disease.  From these learning, we gained more awareness the role of the genetic certified nurse specialists in our country, Japan.
Bibliography: 1)溝口満子. (2002). 諸外国の遺伝看護. 安藤広子, 塚 原正人, 溝口満子編. 遺伝看護. 31. 医歯薬出版.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/9837
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