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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 国際化推進委員会の取り組みと展望
Other Titles: The Activities and Vision of the International Affairs Committee.
Authors: 大久保, 暢子
中島, 薫
堀, 成美
Huffman, Jeffrey
五十嵐, ゆかり
千吉良, 綾子
Keywords: global
short-term exchange program
global health seminar
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 39
Start page: 87
End page: 94
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Publisher: 聖路加看護大学
Abstract:  聖路加看護大学の委員会として国際化推進委員会がある。本委員会は,「本学の国際化を推進し,将来,国際 社会で活躍する人材を育成すること」を目的とし,2012 年度より国際交流委員会から改名した委員会である。本年度の活動としては,グローバルヘルスセミナーの開催,短期交換留学研修などの学術交流協定校との連携 事業,学生委員会との協働,看護・医療英語を学ぶ講座の企画とトライアル,Facebook やTwitter などを利用 した国際的情報の発信,本学が目指す国際性を考えるプロジェクト会議を行い,成果に繋がった。今後の課題は, ①学部生が短期留学可能な学術交流協定校を増やすこと,②交換留学研修制度に対する協定校間での共通評価項 目の作成と,研修事前事後プログラムの構築,③学生が主体的に海外研修した内容を単位認定できる制度を作る こと,④教職員の国際性に対する意識を高める取り組みの充実,⑤聖公会の国内外大学と連携し,キリスト教精 神に根付いた国際事業の考案,⑥WHOコラボレーティングセンターとの連携,⑦国際化を推進できる組織作り と財政基盤の確保である。
Abstract-Alternative: The International Affairs Committee of St. Luke’s College of Nursing, originally established as the International Exchange Committee, changed its name in April 2012 to clarify the committee’s enhanced aim of promoting globalization at the college and preparing our students and teachers to play active roles in the world.  During the 2012-13 academic year, the committee implemented various projects such as Global Health Seminars, short-term exchange programs with partner universities, collaborative activities with our student committee, a trial NCLEX preparation course to study nursing and health topics in English, providing information through Facebook and Twitter, and a series of discussions with faculty and administrative officials on the future direction of globalization efforts at St. Luke’s. Future challenges for the committee are: to increase the number of partner universities through which we offer student exchange opportunities, to develop a common system with partner universities for evaluating student achievement during exchange programs, to enrich study abroad opportunities with before and after activities, to set up a credit recognition system for programs run by other institutions, to promote awareness of the importance of globalization among the faculty and administration, to plan international projects rooted in Christianity with other Anglican-affiliated universities, to cooperate with the WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing Development in Primary Health Care at St. Luke’s College of Nursing, and to work towards implementing the institutional structure and gaining the financial support necessary to achieve further globalization at our college.
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