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種類: Departmental Bulletin Paper
タイトル: わが国の自殺に関する研究(1):都道府県別にみた自殺率と人口増加率の順位相関について
タイトル別表記: A Study of Suicide in Japan (1) -About Rank Correlation Between Prefectural Suicide Ratio and Rate of Population Growth-
著者: 佐藤, 裕
掲載誌: 聖路加看護大学紀要
号: 4
開始ページ: 29
終了ページ: 39
発行年月日: 1977年4月1日
ISSN: 02892863
抄録別表記: Generally the suicide ratio is higher in urban districts compared with that in rural areas. It has become a common view throughout the world. However, it may not be applied to the situation of Japanese sucide. From the correlation between the prefectural suicide ratio and the rate of pupulation growth from 1955 to 1975, the following fact has been found. "Spearman's rank correlation coefficient between the suicide ratio and the rate of population growth in our prefectures has changed from plus to minus." What are the factors of this change? It may be due to the unprecedented and rapid change of population which has been caused by the policy of intense economical growth since 1960's. Though the definite conclusion should not be issued hastily, the violent change of population may alter the suicide ratio in our prefectures. The more detailed study should be continued hereafter.
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リンクURL: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/93


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