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種類: Departmental Bulletin Paper
タイトル: 公衆衛生看護部活動評価の一側面:1975年度活動をめぐって
タイトル別表記: A Side View of Evaluation of Public Health Nursing Activities -in Connection with the Activities in the Fiscal Year 1975 -
著者: 松下, 和子
杉本, かめの
福島, 直美
門馬, かよ子
今井, 洋子
浦澤, 順子
掲載誌: 聖路加看護大学紀要
号: 4
開始ページ: 4
終了ページ: 11
発行年月日: 1977年4月1日
ISSN: 02892863
抄録別表記: The phrase "Evaluation of Public Health Nursing activities" can be quite involved. Not infrequently we are apt to evaluate just the result of the activities. However, in principle it is necessary that the entire execution process of the activities, including the collection of information, the establishment of aims and ocjectives, the formaulation and execution fo activity plans and the outcome, should be avaluated. At the same time, it is very important to see if the activities were of any value. At present, while the evaluation of the quantitative phase of the activities is being done everywhere in some way or other, the evaluation of the qualitative phase has been left practically untouched. Here, I attempted to discuss one phase of the quantitative evaluation of our activities of St. Luke's International Hospital Public Health Nursing Department in the fiscal year 1975, including home visits, various clinic activities and health administration of the hospital personnel. However, it is quite conceivable that this quantitative material might involve some essential elements also. How we should deal with the qualitative evaluation of the activities of our Department in the future is a problem for us to ponder.
リンクURL: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/91


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