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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 看護提供システムⅡにおける災害看護教育の試み
Other Titles: The Pilot of the Disaster Nursing Education in the Health Care Delivery System Ⅱ
Authors: 中村, 綾子
井部, 俊子
倉岡, 有美子
奥, 裕美
Keywords: 災害看護
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 38
Start page: 44
End page: 51
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 聖路加看護大学
Abstract: 〔要旨〕  「看護提供システムⅡ」は,本学のカリキュラムにおける専門科目のうち,「看護の基本」を構成する1 科目で ある。「看護提供システムⅠで学習した内容を基盤として特定のテーマを取り上げ,看護提供システムにおける 現状と課題について理解を深めるとともに,その課題の解決に向けた展望をもつことができる」という学修目的 を持ち,4 年生を対象に選択科目として開講される。これまで,看護師の社会的地位や発言力をテーマとしてき たが,近年,学生から災害看護の学習を望む声が寄せられており,今年度は,科目のテーマに「災害看護」を掲 げた。履修学生の学習ニーズを踏まえ,東日本大震災に関する内容のほか,災害の経過と必要とされる看護,災 害支援を担う看護師の養成と医療者の派遣システム,被災者としての医療者,災害看護支援機構の活動,新型イ ンフルエンザ・地下鉄サリン事件と看護に関する講義ならびに国立災害医療センターの見学を行った。今後は, 領域横断的な科目の構成も望まれる。
Abstract-Alternative: 〔Abstract〕  “Health care delivery system Ⅱ” is one course which constitutes “the foundations of nursing” among the special courses in the curriculum of St. Luke’s College of Nursing. The purpose of a course is: “Students select a specific theme based on the study of “health care delivery system I”. They deepen their understanding about the present condition and the problem in a health care delivery system, with the view towards solution of the problem.” This is an elective course open to seniors. Until the last academic year, nurse’s social standing and influential voice were themes of the course. However, in recent years students wished for the study of disaster nursing. Therefore, this year the theme of health care delivery system Ⅱ was changed into disaster nursing. The contents focused on the Great East Japan Earthquake. The class consisted of: progress of a disaster, cultivation of health care professionals in disaster, training systems for disaster nurses and dispatching health care professionals to disaster areas, the health care professional as a disaster victim, activity of a disaster nursing support organization, nursing in a new type of influenza and the sarin gas attack in the Tokyo subway. Furthermore, the national disaster medical center was inspected. It is preferable for the domains of various nursing to collaborate and to provide education about disaster nursing.
Bibliography: 谷本加苗, 吉村明恵.(2009).災害看護学教育カリキュ ラム構築に関する研究.2008 年度聖路加看護大学看護 学部卒業論文. 75.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/8420
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