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NII Resource type: Journal Article
Title: 看護技術教材としてのe-Learning導入の試み
Other Titles: Trial Introduction of e-learning as a Tool for Reviewing Nursing Skills.
Authors: 佐居, 由美
豊増, 佳子
塚本, 紀子
中山, 和弘
小澤, 道子
香春, 知永
横山, 美樹
山崎, 好美
Keywords: e-learning
Shimei: 聖路加看護学会誌
Volume: 10
Issue: 1
Start page: 54
End page: 60
Issue Date: 20-Jun-2006
ISSN: 13441922
Abstract: 不規則な勤務形態をもつ看護師の継続教育においては,その利便性から教育方法としてe-learningの有 効性が指摘されている。e-learningの看護継続教育-の可能性を探る前段階として,聖路加看護大学(以下, 本学)では2003年11月より,看護基礎教育(学部学生)にe-learningを導入している。e-learning配信 対象は看護学部1-2年生で,講義の補助教材として看護技術についてのe-learningコンテンツを配信し ている。web上での自記式質問紙調査の結果では,ほとんどの学生が,「e-learningは学習の役に立った」 「今後もe-learningを活用したい」「内容の相互交信が必要である」と回答した。「e-learningのみで単位が 付与されること」に同意した学生は少数であった。看護基礎教育における看護技術教材として,e-learning の有効性が示唆された。今後,双方向性のある配信形態の検討,コンテンツの充足が必要である。
Abstract-Alternative: The use of e-learning as a convenient educational method has been pointed out as being effective for the continuing education of nurses who often their irregular working hours. As a preliminary step in exploring the possibilities of utilizing e-learning in the continuing education of nurses, our school introduced elearning tools for undergraduates studying the fundamentals of nursing from November 2003. The intended audience of the e-learning tools was sophomore and freshman students of the nursing college. The students were provided with e-learning contents on nursing skills as supplementary learning aids to their lectures and lab classes. From the results of a web-based self-survey regarding the e-learning tools, the majority of students replied positively with statements such as "the e-learning materials were useful for studying", "I want to continue using e-learning tools in the future", and "the e-learning tools should be more interactive". Only a few students agreed with the statement that "credits should be awarded based only on e-learning materials". This trial suggests that e-learning is an effective resource for learning nursing skills. However it is necessary to further examine the interactive mode of delivery and to make the contents of e-learning material more informative and in-depth.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/759
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