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種類: Journal Article
タイトル: インドネシア人看護師候補者の国家試験合格への道 -三之町病院の取り組み-
タイトル別表記: How Did the Foreign Nurse Candidates Do in Japan's National Nursing Examination? : Efforts of Sannocho Hospital.
著者: 五十嵐, 博美
樋口, 博一
Fernandes, Yared Febrian
Agustina, Ria
深谷, 計子
キーワード: foreign nurse candidate
Indonesian nurses
national nursing examination
掲載誌: 聖路加看護大学紀要
号: 37
開始ページ: 19
終了ページ: 24
発行年月日: 2011年3月
出版者: 聖路加看護大学
抄録: 本稿は,平成20年に経済連携協定(EPA)に基づいて外国人看護師候補者としてインドネシア人2名 を受け入れ,看護師国家試験合格に導いた一病院の取り組みの報告と,インドネシア人看護師候補者から の勉強方法についての報告をまとめたものである。候補者の努力,組織としての病院や周囲の人々のサポー トが成功につながったが,日本語と試験問題の勉強は別々に行うのではなく,過去問をテキストとして使 用し,その中で言語と専門知識を学習する方法が効果があったと考えられる。しかしながら,多くの施設 がこの協定による受け入れを負担に感じており,その負担を軽減する意味においても,合格までの期間の 延長や試験問題の見直しなどが求められる。
抄録別表記: This article describes the efforts of the staff at Sannocho Hospital to help their two Indonesian nurses dispatched through EPA(Economic Partnership Agreement)study for and pass the national nursing examination. A content-based language learning style, using national nursing exanminations to learn both Japanese language and nursing knowledge simultaneously-combined with close communication with and support from hospital staff-may have been the key to their success. Although the nurses at Sannocho Hospital were successful, nearly 99% of foreign nurse candidates failed the recent national nursing examination. These dire results not only pose a financial burden for the hospitals which accept the candidates, but also represent a failure to achieve the goals of both the foreign nurses who participate in this program and the Japanese government which has implemented this program in order to increase the number of nurses in Japan. In order to reduce the burden on hospitals receiving foreign nurse candidates, achieve the goal of increasing the number of nurses in Japan, and motivate the candidates themselves, the issue of whether to extend the three-year trial period as well as a revision of the examination questions needs to be addressed at the national level.
本文の種類: publisher
リンクURL: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/6999


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