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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 2010年度聖路加市民アカデミー「音と香のハーモニー」実施状況と参加者の感想
Other Titles: The Program of 'Harmony of Music and Fragrance ' 2010th Academy for Citizens and the Impressions of the Community Participants for This Seminar.
Authors: 小口, 江美子
小泉, 麗
山田, 雅子
Keywords: joint industry-university research project
community-based health seminar titled "Harmony of music and fragrance"
music therapy
integrative medicine
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 37
Start page: 31
End page: 35
Issue Date: Mar-2011
Publisher: 聖路加看護大学
Abstract: 社会貢献を目指した産学共同プロジェクトである聖路加・テルモ新健康カレッジセミナーは3年目を迎えた。 恒例の市民アカデミーには今年度新たに研究会と学会が共催に加わり,統合医療の観点に立つ「昔と香りのハー モニー:医療現場での音楽療法やアロマセラピーの現状と未来」が開催された。これは音楽療法やアロマセラピー に関する講演ばかりでなく,音楽療法とアロマセラピーそれぞれの実演や,日本で初めて音楽療法とアロマセラ ピーの協演による`・昔と香りHの和合を参加者が体験する観客参加型のセミナーとなった。 市民アカデミー参加者は,例年よりも平均年齢が若く,初参加者がほとんどであった。参加者は医療の中に統合医療として音楽療法やアロマセラピーが取り入れられ始めていることを知り,また各セラピーの体験だけでな く,同時に2つのセラピーを体験して,リラックス感が高まり,心地良さが増すことに気づいた。本セミナーは, 健康や医療が市民主体であること-の気づきゃ知識や健康行動を高めるきっかけ作りに貢献していることが示唆 された。
Abstract-Alternative: St.Luke's College of Nursing and Terumo Corporation, having a commitment to better health care, collaborated in a joint research project to make a community-based social contribution. This three-year seminar project-titled "New Health" focused, this year on a new trial called `Harmony of Music and Fragrance': Academy for Citizens. St.Luke's College of Nursing, Terumo Corporation, Aromatherapy Society and the Music Therapy Study Group provided this program, supplying community participants with ideas and practices. The main theme was:`Harmony of music and fragrance', present and future of music therapy and aromatherapy in medical settings as integrative medicine. This didactic lecture and experiential approach about music therapy and aromatherapy was a 'first'in Japan. Participants in the Academy for Citizens, almost all newcomers, were younger than that those in past years. They learned that both music therapy and aromatherapy have been incorporated into conventional medicine as integrative medicine. Moreover, they experienced the effectiveness of music and aroma on relaxation and comfort through using them together. It was suggested that this type of seminar contributes to knowledge, attitudes and practices for a healthy life and expands citizens understanding of the benefits of integrative medicine.
Bibliography: 小口江美子,小泉農,山田雅子.(2010).産学共同「聖路加・テルモ新健康カレッジ」セミナー実施状況と参加市民の健康意識について.聖路加看護大学紀要.36,69-73.
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