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NII Resource type: Journal Article
Title: Compliance with Ophthalmology Outpatient Treatment Comparing Japanese and Foreign Patients in Tokyo.
Other Titles: 眼科外来における外国人患者と 日本人患者の治療完了率
Authors: Nagamatsu, Yasuko
Sakyo, Yumi
Keywords: compliance
Shimei: 聖路加看護学会誌
Volume: 14
Issue: 1
Start page: 9
End page: 16
Issue Date: 10-Mar-2010
Publisher: 聖路加看護学会
Abstract: This study examined compliance in two aspects. First, the compliance to scheduled office visits in A clinic were compared between all foreign(n=70)and matched Japanese patients( n=70). Compliance of foreign ophthalmologic clinic patients was 12.9% which was significantly less than 42.9% of Japanese patients(P<0.000). Second, the compliance between foreign patients who received a specialized nursing care by bilingual nurse(n=8)vs. those who did not(n=62). Among 70 foreign patients, 8 patients meeting criteria as follows received bilingual nursing care ; 1)a failure to comply with treatment could result in damaged vision or life, 2)having an asymptomatic condition which could contribute to non-compliance, or 3)a complicated treatment plan. 75% of the foreign patients who received specialized nursing care complied with their clinical appointments as much as Japanese patients(84.5%)who also received special attention to adherence.
Abstract-Alternative: 眼科外来における治療完了率について2つの側面から比較を行った。まず,全外国人患者70名と,外国人患者の性・年齢群にマッチした日本人患者70名の治療完了率を比較した。その結果,外国人患者の治療完了率は12.9%であるのに対し,日本人群は42.9%と有意に高かった(P<0.000)。さらに,1)治療中断が視力や生命の危険となるもの,2)自覚症状が乏しいため治療継続が困難なもの,3)合併症のあるものという基準を満たす外国人患者8名に対して,外国語を話す看護師によるケアを行ったので,日本人看護師による通常ケアを受けた外国人患者62名と治療完了率と比較した。その結果, 外国語を話す看護師のケアを受けた群の治療完了率は75%で,同基準で日本人看護師より治療継続を指導された日本人患者群の84.5%と同様に高かった。
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