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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 2000年度から2004年度カリキュラム総括評価:その3 実習科目評価について
Other Titles: Summary of curriculum comprehensive evaluation from 2000 to 2004 Part 3: Evaluation on the clinical practice.
Authors: 長江, 弘子
及川, 郁子
菱沼, 典子
射場, 典子
亀井, 智子
有森, 直子
Keywords: curriculum evaluation
clinical practice
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 32
Start page: 70
End page: 78
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2006
ISSN: 02892863
Abstract:  本学では4年ごとにカリキュラム総括評価を実施しているが, その一部として実習科目評価を報告する。実習科目評価は学生, 教員, 受け入れ実習機関のスタッフ3者による評価を実施した。その結果, 回収率は4割以下で低いが, 学生, 教員ともに満足度が高く, おむね良好な評価結果であり, 実習の積み重ねによる学習効果が見られた。特に4年次に実施する総合実習は, 学生の満足度が最も高く9.11を示し, 他の項目の評価結果と比較してもバランスのよい評価結果であった。実習受け入れ機関の評価は「学生の学びを得られる実習内容や方法」について評価は高かった。しかし, 「学内での学習準備」の評価は低かった。よって, ①学生の実習準備学習の強化の必要性, ②回収率を上げるような評価方法の改善が示唆された。今後も改善を加えながら,実習と専門科目とのつながりを検討し, 学生, 教員, 実習受け入れ機関が協働しながら, 看護実践能力の基盤を形成する実習科目のあり方を検討する必要がある。
Abstract-Alternative: General evaluations of the curriculum at St. Luke's College of Nursing are conducted every four years. As part of this process, this report summarizes evaluations that were conducted on the clinical practice. Evaluations were given by three different groups: students, faculty members and staff members of institutions at which the clinical practice was conducted. Although the number of responses collected was relatively low (less than 40%) , level of satisfaction towards the curriculum was high, the evaluations were generally favorable, and learning effectively by accumulating clinical practice was found. Fourth year students in particular showed the highest level of satisfaction (9.11) in that year and other evaluations were also well balanced. Evaluations from institutions indicated that the contents and methods were beneficial to student learning. However students' preparations for clinical practice received low evaluations. As a result, it was suggested that 1. There was a need to improve preparations for clinical practice at the school and 2. There was a need to think of how to increase the response rate. In the future, we hope to examine the subjects on clinical practice that are the fundamentals of nursing competence, improving these points above and collaborating with student, faculty and institutions.
Bibliography: 1) 小山真理子, 平林優子, 南川雅子他. 聖路加看護大学におけるカリキュラム評価. 聖路加看護大
2) 聖路加看護大学2000年度カリキュラム評価委員会: カリキュラム評価システムについての答申.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/494
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