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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 老年看護臨地実習の教育評価:介護療養型医療施設と介護老人保健施設で実施したことの意義についての検討
Other Titles: Evaluation of Clinical Practice of Gerontological Nursing : A Study of Significance of Clinical Practice in a Health Care Facility for the Elderly, and a Geriatric Hospital.
Authors: 久代, 和加子
梶井, 文子
亀井, 智子
Keywords: 臨地実習
clinical practice
educational evaluation
gerontological nursing
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 30
Start page: 97
End page: 103
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2004
ISSN: 02892863
Abstract: 本学における老年看護の臨地実習は,1人の学生が介護療養型医療施設と介護老人保健施設の2カ所で実施し,実習 の最終日に大学で行うカンファレンスにより各施設での学びを統合化させている。今回は2つの施設で実習を行ったことの意義について,学生の学びを実習記録から把握することにより,学生側の視点で検討した。 2002年度に老年者護実習を行った3年生83名中,同意の得られた44名を対象として,実習施設ごとに自由記載され ている「総合評価」から,学びや気づきとして記述されている表現や内容を文章ごとに抽出し,類似性に基づき分類・命名しカテゴリー化した。その結果,以下の知見が得られた。 介護療養型医療施設の実習から抽出されたカテゴリーは,「対象の理解」「情報収集とアセスメント」「ニーズの把握」「看護援助の実践」「痴呆の理解」「老年看護観」「実習の評価・感想」の7項目であった。また,介護老人保健施設実習から抽出された主なカテゴリーは,「対象の理解」「老人保健施設」「ケアマネジメント」「看護師の役割」「実習の評価・感想」の5項目であった。これらのことから,2つの実習施設において共通に達成できた学びと,その施設でしか学べなかったことについての相互補完があり,2カ所で実習した意義は十分藷められたといえる。 今後,介護老人保健施設における実習が短期間であっても,ケアマネジメント下の看護職独自の役割や他専門職連携についてケアカンファレンスへの参加を通じて現場の様々な職種をディスカッションが行えるようにする必要があると考える。
Abstract-Alternative: Clinical practice of gerontological nursing in our college is undertaken in two institutions for each student; that is, in a health care facility for the elderly, and in a geriatric hospital. Learning acquired in each setting is then integrated during the campus conference, which takes place in the last day of the practice. The purpose of this study was to consider the significance of practice through the standpoint of students by evaluating their clinical practice records. The subjects were 44 students from the 83 third graders who had gerontological nursing clinical practice in 2002, and agreed to participate in this study. From the free statements written in the "General Self Evaluation" of each institution practice, those concerned with learning and awareness were extracted, classifying and nominating them through considering their similarity. The results were as follows; The 7 items categorized from practice in geriatrics hospitals were: "understanding of the subject", "Patients information gathering and needs assessment", "identified of needs", "practice of nursing care", "understanding of dementia", "gerontological nursing view", and "evaluations/impressions of the clinical practice". The classifications extracted from practice in health care facilities for the elderly were 5, that is: "understanding of the subject", "understanding of health care facilities for the elderly", "care management process", "role of the nurse", and "evaluations/impressions of the clinical practice". The results showed that there was learning acquired commonly in both institutions, and also learning exclusive to a given setting, which allowed a mutual complementation; therefore the significance of clinical practice in two different institutions was amply validated. Future tasks include the use of conferences to discuss the specific role of nursing under the care management, and coraboration with each professions of different fields, given the limited length of practice in health care facilities for the elderly.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/463
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