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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: ダウン症候群の子どもをもつ母親が前向きに育児・療育に取り組めるようになる要因と援助
Other Titles: Factors and assistance by which mothers of a child with Down syndrome can be supported to undertake and continue child-rearing and care.
Authors: 横山, 由美
Keywords: 障害を持つ子どもの子育て
Parenting a disabled child
Down syndrome
diagnosis and first information
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 30
Start page: 39
End page: 47
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2004
ISSN: 02892863
Abstract: ダウン症候群の子どもを持つ母親12名に告知から現在までの育児・療育を振り返ってその時々の思いや体験を語っ てもらうことによって,前向きに育児・療育に取り組める要因と援助について考えた。 結果:①早期療育が子どもの発達を促進するのに有効であることから,早期の告知(出産後の入院中など)が多くなっ てきているが,母親の子どもを受けとめていく過程を考えると1カ月健診後や母親が「何か変だと感じた時」が適時で ある。②告知の内容は,事実も必要であるが,子どもの可能性も含めて「育てていく」という視点が必要である。③長 期的におよぶ継続的な支援が必要とされており,居住地域の保健師の活動が望まれる。④外に出ることが可能な心理状 態になったら,早い時期に適切な場(親の会,療育施設など)を紹介することが前向きに育児・療育へ取り組めること に有効である。⑤子どもの可能性ばかりでなく,家族の可能性についても伝えていくことが大きな支えになる。⑥障害 児に対する社会への啓蒙がさらに必要である。
Abstract-Alternative: In order to understand how information and supporting services for mothers of children with Down syndrome might be improved, a sample of mothers was asked to reflect on their child rearing and care experiences from when they first learned of the diagnosis to the present. The children were aged 10-22 years and were attending a special school whose director provided introductions for the researcher. Of the 12 mothers all but one had at least other child; none had disabilities. During the interviews mothers were encouraged to talk freely. Detailed notes were recorded later. The following conclusions were drawn from evaluation of the mothers' experiences and opinions. 1) Learning the diagnosis of their child remained a strong memory. Although increasingly mothers are being informed of their child's diagnosis within the first week after delivery (during hospital stay for delivery) mothers may be more receptive to information about diagnosis at the one-month medical checkup, when mothers may be thinking that "some things are strange." 2) Mothers think information about possibilities for the child's growth and development and how child-rearing might be accomplished should be provided from the beginning, together with the information about diagnosis and related medical concerns. 3) Mothers and families desire and need support. For this reason public health nurses in the area of residence should become involved with each family early and for the life span. 4) Mothers hesitated to go out of the home with their babies. However, meetings with other parents, opportunities for day care, schooling, and learning how to parent and care for their children from professionals were appreciated. 5) Mothers have strong affection for their children with Down syndrome and sense their possibilities, just as for their other children. 6) Societal knowledge, attitudes and resources should be improved so that parents and their Down syndrome children might be supported to live full lives.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/456
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