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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 精神看護学領域の学会に関する海外の動向
Other Titles: Professional Organizations and Academic Conferences in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing: An International Perspective.
Authors: 羽山, 由美子
水野, 恵理子
岡田, 佳詠
下枝, 恵子
Keywords: Academic Conferences in abroad
Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 28
Start page: 116
End page: 122
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2002
ISSN: 02892863
Abstract: 海外の精神看護学分野の学会動向について,インターネット検索も交えながら,ここ数年かけ て筆者らが実際に参加して把握した諸状況を報告した。アメリカには4つの団体が存在し,それ らはThe American Psychiatric Nurses Association(APNA),Society for Education and  Reserach in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing(SERPN),International Society of Psychiatric Consultation Liason Nursing( ISPCLN),Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nurses( ACAPN)である。1999年からSERPN,ISPCLN,ACAPNが一つにまとまり, International Society of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses(ISPN)となって年次大会も合同 で開催するようになった。特徴は学術の発展とともに政策的パワーを発揮して実践の改革に取り 組んでいる点である。 イギリスには独立した組織は存在しないが,Royal College of Nursing(RCN)が企画運営す る学会が2つある。The Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research(NPNR)と,European Mental Health Nursing Conferenceで, どちらも7回の年次大会を迎えたところである。 NPNRは国際学会であり,後者はヨーロッパ中心の会議である。その他は,単発でカンファレ ンスが開かれることはあっても,カナダ,オーストラリア,北欧など定期的に学会を開催してい る組織は見あたらなかった。 日本には,日本精神科看護技術協会と日本精神保健看護学会の2種類の団体があり,20年の学 会の歴史をもつアメリカ,10年前後のイギリスとならんで,自己研鎖に励んできたことが改めて 認められた。
Abstract-Alternative: This paper describes ways in which psychiatric and mental health nurses have organized professional organizations and presented academic conferences ;the paper is based on our own experiences and internet search. There are four organizations in the United States ; American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA), Society for Education and Research in Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing (SERPN),International Society of Psychiatric Consultation Liason Nursing (ISPCLN) and Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nurses(ACAPN). SERPN,ISPCLN and ACAPN united to establish the lnternational Society of Psychiatric- Mental Health Nurses (ISPN)in 1999.The purpose of their alliance was to increase the political power of nurses in the mental health field ; However APNA still has not yet joined the alliance due to some organizational reason. The Royal College of Nursing in the United Kingdom has been organizing two academic conferenees : International Conference of the Network for Psychiatric Nursing Research (NPNR) and European Mental Health Nursing Conference, both of which have had their seventh annual meetings. Psychiatric mental health nursing is a minor field, With smaller numbers of clinicians and researchers compared to other nursing fields.Thus, nurses in many other developed countries do not organize academic societies or even professional groups in this field. In Japan, we have the Japanese Psychiatric Nursing Association which has 30 to 40 thousand members and also the Japan Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing. Only in Japan and the United States are there both professional and academic organizations. In Japan,it is mission of both organizations to foster international networking among psychiatric mental health nurses since our consumer group is still suffering from stigma and unequal status everywhere in the world.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/431
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