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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 老人保健施設で行う老年看護実習における学びと課題
Other Titles: Learning and Tasks in Gerontological Nursing Practice at Health Service Faciliteis for Elderly.
Authors: 久代, 和加子
南川, 雅子
亀井, 智子
Keywords: 学びの共有化
nursing practice
gerontological nursing
health service facilities for the elderly
sharing of learning
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 27
Start page: 52
End page: 58
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2001
ISSN: 02892863
Abstract: 老人保健施設で学ぶ総合実習(老年看護)も2年目となった。介護保険制度の導入や,実習先の職員交代が相 次いだことより,事前の打ち合わせを十分に行った。また昨年の実習で課題となっていた実習前の学習状態,莱 習環境づくり,実習指導体制についてはよく見直し,昨年度の後半とほぼ同様の方法で実習をすることにした。 また今回は,これまでの学びと今回の実習の学びを統合させるために,個々の学生にケースレポートを課した。 前半に実習をした4名の学生による「日々の実習記録」と「総合評価」にある内容,およびケースレポートの 内容をデータとして収集し質的に分析した。学生の学びの記述をカテゴリー化して分析した結果,「施設の役割 と意義」「専門職の役割と連携」「実際の支援活動」「家族の意義」「退所後の生活と社会のサポート」「実習の振 り返り」の6つにカテゴリー化され,各々サブカテゴリーも抽出された。これらのことから,個々の学生が受け 持った利用者は1人であっても,4人の学生が情報を共有化することにより実習目標は達成されていると考えら れる。 学生による実習後振り返りや施設職員へのアンケートから,「現場だからこそ学べることへの指導強化」と 「スタッフと学生の学びの共有化」が今後の課題としてあげられた。来年度に向けて十分検討して,学生がより 深く老年看護を学べるようにしたい。
Abstract-Alternative: Gerontological nursing practice learned at a health service facility for the elderly has reached its second year. Preliminary arrangements were done thoroughly due to the introduction of the Long - term Care lnsurance System and the staff shift at the training facility. Moreover training tasks of the previous year, namely pre - training learning state, arrangement of training environment, and the system of training guidance were amply reviewed, reaching to the conclusion of taking the similar training method performed during the second half of the last year. Aside, this time, a case report was assigned for each individual student in order to achieve an integration of academic and practical learning. Data for qualitative analyses was taken from the contents of "Daily Training Record '' and "General Assessment'', and case reports of 4 students who trained during the first half. Through analyses of the categorized students - learning notes, 6 categories of "Role and significance of health service facilities", "Role and liaison among professionals" , "Actual supporting activities" , "Significance of the family" , "Life after leaving facilities and social support", and "Reconsiderations of the training" were extracted, as well as subcategories for each. From these results, it was considered that although each student took charge of a single facility - user, training objectives were achieved through the information - sharing of the 4 students. "Guidance re-enforcement towards practical learning in the actual field", and "Sharing of learning among the staff and students" Were raised as tasks for the future from the students' post-training reconsiderations and inquiries to the facility staff. A thorough consideration towards the next year will be undertaken so that students acquire a deeper learning on gerontological nursing.
Bibliography: 聖路加看護大学紀要, No.26. 2000.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/398
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