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種類: Departmental Bulletin Paper
タイトル: Teaching and learning in a multicultural setting
著者: Harrington, Toni
キーワード: George Mason University
international program
multicultural setting
掲載誌: 聖路加看護大学紀要
号: 26
開始ページ: 117
終了ページ: 122
発行年月日: 2000年3月1日
ISSN: 02892863
抄録別表記: In the early 1980s, Dr.Rita Carty, the Dean of George Mason University's College of Nursing and Health Science established its international program.The program has provided degree programs for stuents at all levels, consultation visits for faculty from universities around the world and programs of orientation to the US healthcare system for international official visitors.Over the years the College of Nursing and Health Science has proven that by reaching out to the world and sharing expertise and technology, we can learn together.Collaboration has been the focus and the goal and along the way we have gained greater understanding of many countries and their cultures.This monograph describes some of those experiences-an extensive program with students from Saudi Arabia and an ongoing one with Nicaragua.It elaborates on the issues, the challenges and the success of the efforts.
リンクURL: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/376


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