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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 老人保健施設で学ぶ老人看護:よりよい総合実習をめざして
Other Titles: Practical Learning Care Skills at Health Service Facility for the Elderly For Better General Practice for Undergraduate students of Nursing.
Authors: 久代, 和加子
南川, 雅子
亀井, 智子
Keywords: 介護
general practice
gerontological nursing
health service facility for the elderly
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 26
Start page: 93
End page: 104
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2000
ISSN: 02892863
Abstract:  1999年度から4年生前期の総合実習において、老人看護領域が新しく始まった。実習目標は、「老いて病む人とその家族が健康状態を最大限生かし、生き生きとしてその人らしい生活ができるように、医療・保健・福祉の専門職と協働して援助できる」とし、希望した8名の学生が老人保健施設で実習を行った。 老人保健施設での実習を始めるにあたり、事前に施設側と打ち合わせを重ねて臨んだにもかかわらず、前半グループの実習ではスタッフとの関係性が十分とはいえず、学生は看護や介護の実務について具体的に実感したり主体的に看護活動を実施するまでには至らなかった。実習方法の改善等により後半グループでは、利用者やスタッフとの関係性が高まる中で主体的に利用者やスタッフと関わり、老人をとりまく種々の社会的状況を統合して老人看護の学びを深めることができた。 また実習科目群の積み上げという視点から、総合実習が中間施設である老人保健施設で行われたことは、保健・医療・福祉の各専門職が協働して援助するという老人看護の特殊性を学ぶということで適切であった。 実習前までの学生の学習状況に応じた、実習環境づくりおよび実習指導体制を整えることにより、よりよい老人看護実習が行えることが示唆された。
Abstract-Alternative: We conducted practice for sophomore students of the St.Luke's College of Nursing at health service facility for the elderly.The purpose of the practice is to learn care skills for elderly patients and their family. Eight students were participated for a ten-day practice.They were randomly divided into two groups according to time of initiating practice, I.e., four students were assigned to first practice group and remaining students assigned to latter group.Despite meetings with care staff of the facility, students of the first group were not able to establish good communication with care staff and they could not actively participate the care program.Students of the latter group were informed about these problems and they tried improve communication with care staff and residents.They could participate care program more actively and their satisfaction with the practice was better. Our experiences suggest that awareness of importance of communication both by students and care providers such as staff leaders and head nurse are important to improve efficacy of general practice.We assume this is particularly important for students of nursing who practice in health service facility for the elderly. Finally, constructing better practice environment as well as proper leadership adjusted for students'ability before initiating practice will enhance efficacy and usefulness of practice.
Bibliography: 厚生省統計協会:国民衛生の動向, 1999.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/373
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