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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 後期高齢者の主介護者における介護負担軽減に関する研究:主観的な介護負担感を構成する要素の検討
Other Titles: A Study on Reduction in Care Burden of the Family Caregiver of the Bedridden and senile Elderly. -Examination of Subjective Factors about Construction in Care Burden -
Authors: 成木, 弘子
飯田, 澄美子
野地, 有子
佐藤, 玲子
結城, 美智子
星野, 明子
馬庭, 恭子
Keywords: 介護負担感軽減
elderly age 75 and over
home care
reductuio in care burden
coping capability
line of stress defense
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 22
Start page: 1
End page: 13
Issue Date: 1-Mar-1996
ISSN: 02892863
Abstract:  後期高齢者の在宅介護にあたる主介護者が、介護負担を減少して介護に取り組むための初段階として、「介護負担を構成する主観的要素を明らかにする事」を目標として実施した。前報の介護負担調査の結果をふまえ、5事例を対象に訪問看護時の参与観察およびインタビューを実施し分析した結果、以下の様な知見を得た。1.主観的な介護負担の構成要素: 1)中心的な負担となる要素は、本人の身体状況および精神的状況である。 2)影響を与える要素として、(1)介護者の機能、(2)介護補助者の機能、(3)専門職の機能、(4)ケアシステムの機能があげられた。2.緩衝帯:1‐2)影響を与える要素の中から、介護者の機能以外を緩衝帯と位置づけた。緩衝帯が機能する事によって介護者の対処能力が高まり、その結果、介護負担が軽減すると考えられた。3.主観的介護負担感のアセスメントの視点としては、3点が考えられた。 1)本人の身体的・心理的等の状態 2)緩衝帯の有無とその機能の状態 3)介護者の対処能力 家族の介護負担を軽減する為には、負担感を構成する要素や構造を多角的にアセスメントし、介護者が様々な資源を活用し心理的ストレスに効果的に対応出来るように、情報提供や教育する機能が求められる。介護者の対処能力を高める方法に関する専門職の研修の充実が必要である事が示唆された。
Abstract-Alternative: The purpose of this study was to develop a supporting system in the community which reduces care burden of the family caregiver members of bedridden elderly age 75 and over.Preliminary study was carried out in oder to find out fundamental elements of care burden.Five families were picked up among the families living in Chuo ward in Tokyo who were provided professional nursing care services at home.A nursing intervention was done through home visits and interviews with caregiversand their subjects who need proper care services.1.fundamental elements of a caregiver's care burden: a)main elements are health and mental condition of elders, b)influential elements are the function of caregivers, the function of assistant caregivets, the function of professionals and the function of care systems.2.The line of stress defence: All the functions except that of caregivers were positioned at the line of stress defense, and in our view the caregiver's coping capability would be increased as the line of stress defense functions and, hence, the care burden might be reduced.3.Assesment of fundamental elements shall be determined from 3 aspects a)health and mental condition of ellders, b)accessibility to buffers and their quality and c)capacity and skill of care giver. In order to reduce the care burden of the family caregiver, it is necessary to assess multilaterally the constituents and/or structures of care in the future, and at the same time the additional functions will be required to furnish information and educate the caregivers on how to utilize various social care services, there by enabling them to cope with psychological stress effectively.These findings suggest that it is alsonecessary to complete the training of professional sconcerning feasiblemeans that could promote the caregivers'abilities to cope with the bedridden and senile elderly.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/318
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