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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 看護大学新卒看護職者のみた看護職者の職場風土
Other Titles: An Analysis of the Organization Climate Found in the Nursing Workplace through Interviews with Recently-hired new graduate nurses.
Authors: 豊増, 佳子
Keywords: 職場
organaization culture
organaization climate
workplace climate
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 22
Start page: 29
End page: 41
Issue Date: 1-Mar-1996
ISSN: 02892863
Abstract:  看護職者はその存在価値や専門性を維持するために、看護職者自身の主体性や、自律性の必要性をうたっているが、看護婦の職場とは実際どのようなものだろうか?主体性や自律性をそこに存在する個人に要求できるような職場や組織なのだろうか?そこで今回、自分の職場に出会ったばかりである一看護大学新卒看護職者34名の職場やそこでの在り方の認識から看護職者の職場風土の分析を行った。1.職場について語ってもらうために設定した半構成的面接では、職場についてと、そこでの気持ち・在り方などが語られた。2.看護大学新卒看護者の職場風土を、そこでの在り方の認識によって分析し、3つに分類した。3.職場風土は、同じ施設内でも職場によって違いはあるが、施設全体の組織文化としての何らかの傾向もあった。4.研究の限界は、一看護大学新卒看護職者に対象者を限定したことによる対象者数の限界や、対象者の特性の偏りであった。
Abstract-Alternative: Purpose: Nurses often talk about the need for autonomy and independence in their work.However, little is written about the organizational climate of their workplace.What is the workplace like?Does it support nursing autonomy and independence?The purpose of this study is to analyze the organizational climate of the nurses'workplace through interviews with recently-hired, new graduate nurses who have been with the organization for three to six months.Method: Interviewed were conducted with 34 recently-hired, new graduate nurses, three to six months from the date they joined the organization.At the beginning of the interview with each of them, I requested that they speak openly in describing their workplace.Each interview was tape-recorded and the content was analyzed.Result: I interviewed 34 recently-hired, new graduate nurses.Each interview lasted one hour.During this time, pre-determined questions were presented to each nurse.They responded to the questions by describing theirimpressions of their workplace.Their responses were divided into three groups and analyzed according to communication patterns, interpersonal relationships, organizational support and responsiveness, and organizational culture.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/307
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