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NII Resource type: Thesis or Dissertation
Title: 自治体ホームページにおける外国人向け医療情報の提供状況
Other Titles: Usefulness of Medical Information for the Foreign Residents on Homepage of Local Governments in Japan.
Authors: 佐々木, 空美
長松, 康子
Keywords: ヘルスサービス
Shimei: 聖路加看護学会誌
Volume: 12
Issue: 1
Start page: 25
End page: 32
Issue Date: 20-Mar-2008
Publisher: 聖路加看護学会
ISSN: 1344-1922
Abstract: 【序論】在日外国人は200万人を超え,医療面での対応が急務とされている。インターネットは安価で簡単に情報を得ることができる。そこで本研究では,自治体のホームページの外国人向け医療情報の提供状況を明らかにすることを目的とした。 【方法】2000年度国勢調査において,外国人人口が1万人を超える17自治体を対象とし,そのホームページを,使用外国語・情報量・操作しやすさの3点で評価した。さらに,外国人人口,外国人割合,連携機関の有無についての関連を調べた。 【結果】17すべての自治体がホームページを有していた。予算が多く,外国人が多い自治体ほど情報量が豊富で,外国人割合の多い自治体ほど外国版ホームページは操作しやすい傾向があった。使用している外国語は,英語が最も多く,次いで韓国語,中国語,ポルトガル語であった。13件(76%)が外国語の医療情報を掲載し,医療サービスシステム,日本の保険制度,母子保健等の情報を載せていた。外国語のできるスタッフのいる医療機関や電話による外国語医療相談を紹介する自治体もあった。 【考察】人口の多い外国語については概ねホームページの外国語に取り入れられていた。しかし人口が多いにもかかわらずタイ語を用いているホームページがないことは問題である。外国人人口の多い自治体ほど外国版医療情報が充実していたのは,ニーズに対応した結果と思われる。 【結論】すべての自治体がホームページを有し,76%が外国語医療情報を提供していた。
Abstract-Alternative: Background: Foreigners unable to read Japanese may encounter difficulties accessing medical information. The internet, which is an easy, inexpensive and accessible communication tool for everyone, may be a possible solution for this issue. Purpose: To relreal the extent to which local governments use their websites to provide medical information for approximately 2 million foreign residents in Japan. Methodology: Seventeen local governments with more than 10,000 foreign residents were selected. Each website was scored according to the types of information and the efectiveness of operation. The total scores and number of foreign residents were tested using Pearson's correlation coeffcient. Result: All local governments had websites although their quality varied. The language that was most frequently used was English. Korean, Chinese, Portuguese and others were also used. All websites had an English version. 76% of them had medical information, including information on medical system in Japan, procedure for consulting a doctor, calling for an ambulance, maternal and child care services, Maternal and Child Health Handbook and national health insurance system. It was difficult to find important information in most non-Japanese versions. Good websites with plenty of medical information were made in cooperation with other organizations. Few websites contained useful information such as medical facilities with bilingual staff and free medical hotline in several languages. The total scores and number of foreign residents were highly correlated. Discussion: Most languages fit the proportion of foreign residents except Thai, which could not be found in any of the websites in question, even though many Thais live in Japan. The positive relationship between scores and foreign population may be because a larger foreigner community makes demandsfor more non-Japanese information. Conclusion: 76% of local governments provided medical information in foreign languages. However, they were not as high in quality and quantity as the original versions, not as effective in operation.
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URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/2676
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