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種類: Departmental Bulletin Paper
タイトル: 小児の症状(反応)、行動の理解と対応への基本姿勢:小児心身医学の立場から
タイトル別表記: Understanding of Symptoms (reactions),Behaviors in Children, and a Basic Attitude toward Treatment and Guidance of Them -from the Viewpoints of Pediatric Psychosomatics-
著者: 高木, 俊一郎
キーワード: 小児の治療・教育・指導
pediatric psychosomatics
psuchosomatic symptoms(reactions), diseases
features of children
treatment, educaton, gidance
掲載誌: 聖路加看護大学紀要
号: 17
開始ページ: 26
終了ページ: 39
発行年月日: 1991年3月1日
ISSN: 02892863
抄録:  最近、小児科領域での疾患の種類や連れて来られる子どもの問題が大きく変った。 子どもたちの心身の発達や環境の影響をうけて、小児科では、疾病の治療より、予防、保健、リハビリテーション、教育などに直結した仕事が大半を占める。 小児科医は父母を中心とする家庭、教育の場、社会環境をぬきにして診療に当ることはない。その意味では元来、小児科医は心身医学を中心とした総合医学、プライマリーケア、リエゾン活動の実践者であったはずである。 小児科医のみならず小児に接する全ての方々に対し小児の現わしてくる症状(反応)、行動に対する基本的理解、対応のあるべき姿勢についての筆者の考えを述べたいと思う。
抄録別表記: The mental state and the physical state in children are immature and undifferentiated and their defence mechanisms are not developed enough.This is why they are apt to show extreme, strong and sometimes inadequate reactions as a whole. On the other hand, the ways in which symptoms(reactions), various kinds of conditions and problem behaviors manifest themselves depend on the developmental stage of mind and body, that is, on the degree of combination of psychological and physical factors and on environmental factors including their developmental histories. When we diagnose a child's state as a psychosomatic(physiologic) symptom or disease, it is more reasonable to dignose on the basis of the extent to which psychological factors exert significant influences and on the effects of analyzing the mechanisms which make up symptoms or diseases, rather than on the names by which diseases are usually called. In this paper, I have arranged the psychosomatic symptoms(reactions) frequently seen in children by classifying them into several groups, and displayed ways of healing, guiding, and educating them, according to the mechanisms of the symptoms(reactions). When we discuss psychosomatic symptoms in children, we must pay attention to the fact that children are more seriously influenced by circumstances than adults, because their defence mechanisms in mind and body are not yet fully developed. If we notice these facts, we are able to find that symptoms or reactions of childhood include a lot of reactions caused by mallearning or mislearning.Therefore, educational efforts must be made more frequently and effectively in treating children's psychosomatic problems. The necessity of providing adequate circumstances for educating children and guiding parents should be stressed more thoroughly.
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リンクURL: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/234


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