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The applicability of women-centered care: Two case studies of capacity-building for maternal health through international collaboration
Horiuchi, Shigeko; Kataoka, Yaeko; Eto, Hiromi; Oguro, Michiko; Mori, Taeko
Japan journal of nursing science 3(2) : 143-150 (2006/12)
Career development expectations and challenges of midwives in Urban Tanzania: a preliminary study
Nao Tanaka; Shigeko Horiuchi; Yoko Shimpuku; Sebalda Leshabari
BMC Nursing : 27 (2015/05/08)
Competencies of genetic nursing practise in Japan:A comparison between basic and advanced levels.
Arimori, Naoko; Nakagomi, Satoko; Mizoguchi, Michiko; Morita, Ninako; Ando, Hiroto; Mori, Akiko; Horiuchi, Shigeko; Holzemer, William L.
Japan Journal of Nursing Science : 45-55 (2007/05)
A cross-sectional survey of policies guiding second stage labor in urban Japanese hospitals, clinics and midwifery birth centers
Kaori Baba; Yaeko Kataoka; Kaori Nakayama; Yukari Yaju; Shigeko Horiuchi; Hiromi Eto
BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth : 37 (2016/02/24)
Development of an evidence-based domestic violence guideline: supporting perinatal women-centered care in Japan
Horiuchi, Shigeko; Yaju, Yukari; Kataoka, Yaeko; Eto, Grace Hiromi; Matsumoto, Naoko
Midwifery PMID: 17399864 : Doi: 10.1016 (2007/04/01)
Doctoral Nursing Educaition In Japan

Journal of Nursing Science : 5-8 (2013)
Evaluation of a reproductive health awareness program for adolescence in urban Tanzania-A quasi-experimental pre-test post-test research
Madeni, Frida; 堀内, 成子; 飯田, 真理子
Reproductive Health 2011, 8:21 (2011/06)
Evaluation of a reproductive health awareness program of adolescence in urban Tanzania-Aquasi-experimental pre-test post-test research

Reproductive Health, 8:21 (2011/06)
Evaluation of a web-based garaduate continuing nursing educaion program in Japan : A randomized controlled trial
Horiuchi, Shigeko; Yaju, Yukari; Koyo, Miki; Sakyo, Yumi; Nakayama, Kazuhiro
Nurse Education Today (Elsevier)29 : 140-149 (2008/8)
Evaluation of the labor curve in nulliparous Japanese women
Suzuki, Ritsuko; Horiuchi, Shigeko; Ohtsu, Hiroshi
American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Volume 203, Issue 3, September 2010, Pages 226.e1-226.e6 : 226.e1-226.e6 (2010/05/21)
Evaluation of the labor curve in nulliparous Japnaese women
Suzuki, Rituko; Horiuchi, Shigeko
American Journal of Obsterics & Gynecology203(3) : 226. e1-6 (2010/01)
Evaluation of web-based graduate continuing nursing education program in Japan:A Randomized controlled trial

Nurse Education Today (Elsevier)29 : (2008/08) : 140-149 (2008.8.9.)
Factors influencing the use of antenatal care in rural West Sumatra,Indonesia

BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 12:9 doi:10.1186/1471-2393-12-9 (2012/02)
Global collaboration between Tanzania and Japan to advance midwifery profession: A case report of a partnership model
Yoko Shimpuku; Shigeko Horiuchi; Sebalda C. Leshabari; Dickson Mkoka; Yasuko Nagamatsu; Miwako Matsutani; Hiromi Eto; Michiko Oguro; Yukari Yaju; Mariko Iida; Columba Mbekenga; Lilian Mselle; Agnes Mtawa
Journal of Nursing Education and Practice : 1-9 (2015/11)
Immigrants' Experiences of Maternity Care in Japan

Jouranl of Community Heralth (2013年)
Immigrants' Experiences of Maternity Care in Japan

Journal of Community Health : 781-790 (2013)
Impact of a nursing education program about caring for patients in Japan with malignant pleural mesothelioma on nurses' knowledge, difficulties and attitude: A randomized control trial

Nurse Education Today Volume 34, Issue 7, July 2014, Pages 1087–1093 : 1087–1093 (2014/02/17)
Independent Japanese midwives: a qualitative study of their practice and beliefs
Gepshtein, Yana; Horiuchi, Shigeko; Eto, Hiromi
Japan Journal of Nursing Science, 4(2) : 85-93 (2007/12/01)
Intimate partner violence against Japanese and non-Japanese women in Japan : A cross-sectional study in the perinatal setting
Inami, Eriko; Kataoka, Yaeko; Eto, Hiromi; Horiuchi, Shigeko
Japan Academy of Nursing Science7 : 84-95 (2010/01)
Japan Academy of Midwifery:2012 Evidence-based guidlines for Midfifwey care during Chhildbirth

Journal of Japan Academy of Midwife,26(2).275-283.2012 : 275-283 (2012)
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