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Linguistic Problems, Technical Knowledge Problems, and Socio-Cultural Knowledge Problems the Foreign Nurses Face in the National Examination in Japan
Fukaya, Keiko; Yukie, Horiba
The 16th World Congress of Applied Linguistics(AILA2011). (北京) 2011/08/23 - 2011/08/28
Topic Interest, Language Proficiency, Relevance, and Causal Reasoning in L2 Text Comprehension
深谷, 計子; Horiba, Yukie
British Association for Applied Linguistics. (Newcastle(UK)) 2009/9/3 - 2009/9/5
Second language readers’ memory for narrative texts:The effect of interest and causal reasoning
Horiba, Yukie; Fukaya, Keiko
EUROSLA (European Second Language Association) 20. (Reggio Emilia, Italy) 2010/09/01 - 2010/09/04
Is it a linguistic problem or a knowledge problem? Test performances of Indonesian nurse-candidates in Japan
Horiba, Yukie; Fukaya, Keiko; Saito, Takashi
EUROSLA (the European Second Language Association) 20. (Reggio Emilia, Italy) 2010/09/01 - 2010/09/04
Task of learning content vs. language from L2 text

EUROSLA. (Antalya, Turkey) 2006年9月13日 - 2006年9月16日
Topic interest, relevance, and causal reasoning in L2 text comprehension
堀場, 裕紀江; 深谷, 計子
GURT(Georgetown University Round Table). (ワシントン) 2009/03/13
Learning from text: Effects of language competence and topic familiarity

Task-Based Language Teaching. (Leuven, Belgium) 2005/09/21 - 2005/09/23
Task of learning content vs. language from L2 text

Pacific Second Language Research Forum. (Brisbane, Australia) 2006年7月4日 - 2006年7月6日
Second language readers' memory for narrative texts: The effect of interest and causal reasoning
堀場, 裕紀江; 深谷, 計子
Society for Text & Discourse. (シカゴ) 2010/08/16 - 2010/08/18
インドネシア人看護師にとっての日本看護師国家試験の困難点 ー言語の問題か、専門知識の問題かー
堀場, 裕紀江; 深谷, 計子
世界日語教育大会台湾大会. (台北) 2010/07/31 - 2010/08/01

日本LD学会第7回大会. (筑波) 1998/11/01 - 1998/11/02

日本LD学会第8回大会. (札幌) 1999/10/09 - 1999/10/10

日本テスト学会. (東京) 2007年8月30日 - 2007年8月31日
深谷, 計子; 堀場, 裕紀江; 齋藤, 隆; 菱田, 治子 
日本第二言語習得学会第10回年次大会. (岐阜) 2010/06/12 - 2010/06/13
堀場, 裕紀江; 深谷, 計子
神田外語大学言語教育学コロキアム. (海浜幕張) 2010/02/20
Factors affecting learning content vs. language: task, interest and language competence

日本第二言語習得学会. (東京) 2006/05/20 - 2006/05/21


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