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Comparing support to breast cancer patients from online communities and face-to-face support groups.
Setoyama Y, Yamazaki Y, Nakayama K.
Patient Education And Counseling Volume: 85 Issue: 2 (2011-11-01) p. e95-100. ISSN: 0738-3991 : e95-100 (2011-11-01)
Construct validity of Antonovsky's sense of coherence scale: stability of factor structure and predictive validity with regard to the well-being of Japanese undergraduate students from two-year follow-up data.
Togari, Taisuke; Yamazaki, Yoshihiko; Nakayama, Kazuhiro; Kimura, Yamaki; Sasaki, Chikako; Takayama, Tomoko
Japanese Journal of Health and Human Ecology 74(2) : 71-87 (2008/03)
Development and formative evaluation of a Web-based stress management program to promote psychological well-being.
中山, 和弘
Japanese Journal of Health and Human Ecology 73(4) : 137-152 (2007/07)
Development of a short version of the sense of coherence scale for population survey.
中山, 和弘
J. Epidemiol Community Health 61(10) : 921-922 (2007/10)
Evaluation of a web-based graduate continuing nursing education program in Japan: A randomized controlled trial.
堀内, 成子; 八重, ゆかり; Koyo, M; 佐居, 由美; 中山, 和弘
Nurse Educ Today. 2009 Feb;29(2):140-9 (2009/02)
Follow-up study on the effects of sense of coherence on well-being after two years in Japanese university undergraduate students.
中山, 和弘
Personality and Individual Differences 44(6) : 1335-1347 (2008/01)
Gender role attitudes of hospital nurses in Japan: their relation to burnout, perceptions of physician-nurse collaboration, evaluation of care, and intent to continue working.
Ushiro R, Nakayama K.
Japan Journal Of Nursing Science Volume: 7 Issue: 1 p. 55-64. ISSN: 1742-7932 (2010-06-01)
Information sharing and case conference among the multidisciplinary team improve patients' perceptions of care.
Komatsu H, Nakayama K, Togari T, Suzuki K, Hayashi N, Murakami Y, Iioka Y, Osaka W, Yagasaki K, Nakamura S, Neumann J, Ueno NT.
Open Nursing Journal Volume: 5 (2011-01-01) p. 79-85. ISSN: 1874-4346 : p. 79-85.
Process evaluation of a web-based stress management program to promote psychological well-being in a sample of white-collar workers in Japan.
Kaoru KAWAI, Yoshihiko YAMAZAKI1 and Kazuhiro NAKAYAMA
Industrial Health Volume: 48 Issue: 3 (2010-01-01) p. 265-274. ISSN: 0019-8366 (2010-01-01)
Returning to the "homeland": work-related ethnic discrimination and the health of Japanese Brazilians in Japan.
中山, 和弘
Am. J. Public Health 98(4) : 743-750 (2008/02)
中山, 和弘; 瀬戸山, 陽子; 横山, 由香里; 西尾, 亜理砂; 米倉, 佑貴; 戸ヶ里, 泰典
医療情報学連合大会論文集(1347-8508)29回 Page1173-1174 (2011/11)
亀井, 智子; 梶井, 文子; 杉本, 知子; 菱沼, 典子; 中山, 和弘; 豊増, 佳子; 青木, 則明
聖路加看護大学紀要. (32) :1-10 (2006-03-01)
わが国におけるe-learning実施大学の現状 Web及び文献検索からの分析
大久保 暢子, 大迫 哲也, 平林 優子,中山 和弘
西澤,知江; 河合,薫; 中山,和弘; 戸ヶ里,泰典; 須釜,淳子; 大竹,茂樹
金沢大学つるま保健学会誌,36巻2号 : 67-71 (2012/12)
一般住民におけるマンモグラフィ検診への選好に関する研究 : 選択型実験を用いて
田口, 良子; 山崎, 喜比古; 中山, 和弘
日本公衆衛生雑誌(0546-1766)57巻2号 Page83-94 (2010/01)
一般住民におけるマンモグラフィ検診への選好に関する研究 選択型実験を用いて
田口 良子, 山崎 喜比古,中山 和弘
日本公衆衛生雑誌(0546-1766)57巻2号 : Page83-94 ((2010.02))
松村, ちづか; 中山, 和弘; 川越, 博美
緩和ケア 16 : 269-274 (2006/05)
瀬戸山, 陽子; 中山, 和弘
医療と社会(0916-9202)21巻3号 Page325-336 : 325-336 (2011)
瀬戸山 陽子, 中山和弘
日本公衆衛生雑誌(0546-1766)55巻2号 Page93-100(2008.02)
藤井, 徹也; 佐藤, 好恵; 中山, 和弘; 佐伯, 香織; 門井, 貴子; 中野, 隆; 篠崎, 惠美子
医学と生物学(0019-1604)154巻12号 Page618-623 (2010/01)
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