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Analysis of Subjective Evaluations of the Functions of Tele-Coaching Intervention in Patients with Spinocerebellar Degeneration
Hayashi, A; Kayama, M; Andoh, K et al
Neuro Rehabilitation 23(2) : 159-169 (2008)
A市における乳児健康診査の受診および育児支援事業の利用に関する要因 -育児環境に対する母親の認知および抑うつ状態に焦点をあてて-
林, 亜希子; 萱間真美; 近藤, あゆみ 他
厚生の指標52(7) : 21-31 (2005)
Care burden and depression in caregivers caring for patients with intractable neurological diseases at home in Japan
Miyashita, M; Narita, Y; Sakamoto, A; Kawada, N; Akiyama, M; Kayama, M; Suzukamo, Y; Fukuhara, S
The Journal of Neuroscience 276(1-2) : 148-152 (2009/01)
Child Abuse Prevention in Japan: An Approach to Screening and Intervention with Mothers
Kayama, M; Sagami, A; Watanabe, Y; Senoo, E; Ohhara, M
Public Health Nursing 21(6) : 513-518 (2004)
Community outreach for patients who have difficulties in maintaining contact with mental health services: longitudinal retrospective study of the Japanese outreach model project

BMC Psychiatry 14 : 311 (2014/11)
Distress of inpatients with terminal cancer in Japanese palliative care units: From the viewpoint of spirituality
Kawa, M; Kayama, M; Maeyama, E; Iba, N; Murata, H; Imamura, Y; Koyama, T; Mizuno, M
Support Care Cancer 11 : 481-490 (2003)
Experiences of Municipal Public Health Nurses Following Japan's Earthquake, Tsunami, and Nuclear Disaster

Public Health Nursing : 517-25 (2014/11)
Health-related quality of life among community-dwelling patients with intractable neurological diseases and their caregivers in Japan.

Psychiatry & Clinical Neurosciences 65(1) (2011)
Home care nursing in Japan: A challenge for providing good care at home
Murashima, S; Nagata, S; Magilvy, J; Fukui, S; Kayama, M
Public Health Nursing 19(2) : 94-103 (2002)
How public health nurses understand mothers of abused and neglected children :The perception of ‘Shindosa’ in mothers
Ueno, M; Kayama, M; Murasima, S
Japan Journal of Nursing Science 1 : 117-124 (2004)
Is antipsychotic polypharmacy associated with metabolic syndrome even after adjustment for lifestyle effects?: a cross-sectional study.

BMC Psychiatry 11 (2010)
Japanese expert public health nurses empower clients with schizophrenia living in the community
Kayama, M; Zerwekh, J; Thornton, K.A; Murashima, S
Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services, 39(2) : 40-7 (2001)
Managerial support of community mental health nurses
Funakoshi, A; Miyamoto, Y; Kayama, M
Journal of Advanced Nursing 58(3) : 227-235 (2007/05)
Mentoring Doctoral Students for Qualitative Research: Interviews With Experienced Nursing Faculty in Japan.
Kayama M,Guregg M,Asahara K,YAMAMOTO-MITANI N,Okuma K,Ohta K,Kinoshita Y
Jounal of Nursing Education Vol.52 No.5 : 283-289 (2013/5)
Nursing care delivery in Japanese psychiatric units
Sawada, A; Porter, SE; Kayama, M; Setoya, N,; Miyamoto, Y
British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing 15(17) : 920-925 (2006)
Qualitative Research on Clinical Ethics Consultation in Japan: The Voices of Medical Practitioners
Asai, Atsushi; Itai, Koichiro; Shioya, Keiichi; Saita, Kazuko; Kayama, Mami; Izumi, Shinichi
General Medicine 9(2) : 47-55 (2008)
Qualitative Research on Clinical Ethics Consultation in Japan:The Voices of Medical Practitioners
Asai, Atsushi; Itai, Koichiro; Shioya, Keiichi; Saita, Kazuko; Kayama, Mami; Izumi, Shinichi
General Medicine9(2) : 47-55 (2008/01/01)
The relationship between postpartum depression and abusive parenting behavior of Japanese mothers: A survey of mothers with a child less than one year old
Sagami, A; Kayama, M; Senoo, E
Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic 68(2) : 174-187 (2004)
A study of the burden of caring for patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(MND) in Japan
Akiyama, M; Kayama, M; Takamura, S; Kawano, Y; Ohhu, S; Fukuhara, S
British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing 2(1) : 38-43 (2006)
Validation of the Burden Index of Caregivers(BID) a multidimensional short care burden scale from Japan
Miyashita, M; Yamaguchi, A; Kayama, M; Narita, Y; Kawada, N; Akiyama, M; Hagiwara, A; Suzukamo, Y; Fukuhara, S
Health Qual Life Outcomes 4 : Online Journal (2006)
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