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種類: Departmental Bulletin Paper
タイトル: 疫学研究における因果モデル作成上の新しい手法の開発とその応用について
タイトル別表記: A New Method for Causal Modelling in Epidemiological Studies and its Application.
著者: 高木, 廣文
掲載誌: 聖路加看護大学紀要
号: 8
開始ページ: 11
終了ページ: 20
発行年月日: 1982年6月1日
ISSN: 02892863
抄録別表記: A new algorithm for causal modeling was devised and introduced to the epidemiological field by Takagi (1980). In this paper, the method, named "causal chain model", was described in detail, and applied to the study on the risk factors of esophageal cancer mortality, using international cancer mortality data and food supply data. Furthermore, multiple regression analysis was also applied to this study to compare with the results obtained by the causal chain model. Some similarities and differences were found and pointed out among the results by the causal chain medel and those by multiple regression analysis. Through the discussion on the results, it was suggested that the utility of the causal chain model might be undoubted, and that the concurrent use of multiple regression analysis could be helpful to interpret the results of an epidemiological study.
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リンクURL: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/135


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