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種類: Departmental Bulletin Paper
タイトル: 外来における外国人患者の看護-緑内障患者の看護における成功例-
タイトル別表記: Providing Successful Nursing Care to the Foreign Patient with Glaucoma, a Case Study.
著者: 長松, 康子
長松, 淳一
佐居, 由美
キーワード: 外来
掲載誌: 聖路加看護大学紀要
号: 33
開始ページ: 55
終了ページ: 59
発行年月日: 2007年3月
出版者: 聖路加看護大学
ISSN: 02892863
抄録: Purpose:To recommend what is necessary for successful nurslng care for a foreign patient from the ophthalmologic clinic who had glaucoma. Methodology:A qualitative case report using data from an open ended interview and the client's medical and nursing records. Case:A South-East Asian female mamied to a Japanese in her 40's. Diagnosis:Glaucoma left eye. History:2004,June In "B"clinic, glaucoma was informed as`high pressure' which she did not understand.Eye drops were prescribed without explanation. 2005, January She visited "B"clinic again with left eye pressure 21mmHg. She understood her diagnosis by the translator she brought. Because she became frightened by the side effcts and at the same time the discomfort in her right eye remained, stopped her eye drops. 2005, February After her ophthalmologist scolded her badly for stopplng her eye drops, she was scared to retum to him. March, 2005 she attended "C" clinic with left eye pressure 22mmHg. Nursing Problems: 1 Poor understanding glaucoma, 2 Anxiety about side effect of eye drops. 3 Confusing the symptoms of glaucoma and dry eye. 4 Cannot ask question because of fear of doctor. NursingCare:1 Educate about glaucoma. 2 Explain the purpose for eye drops including side effects. 3 Clarify the differences between glaucoma and dry eye. 4 Treat her with empathy, openness, and respect. 5 Advocate for her during her consultation with the doctor and support her when she wants to ask questions. Outcome: She understood her diagnosis and treatments and applied eye drops regularly. Her eye pressure dropped to normal.
抄録別表記: 外国人患者の中でも,自覚症状に乏しい慢性疾患患者の治療継続は難しいといわれている。本稿では,無症 状の緑内障患者において看護介入によって治療継続に成功した外国人症例について報告する。 ドライアイによる不快感を主訴に他院受診した際に左緑内障を診断され,点眼薬を処方されるも,疾患・薬 剤についての説明が不十分であったために点眼が中断され,緑内障が進んだ状態で受診した東南アジア出身の 女性である。1)緑内障についての知識不足,2)点眼薬の副作用-の不安,3) ドライアイと緑内障の混同,4) 日本人医師-の不信感が問題となった。そこで,1)緑内障の病態・予後・治療についての説明,2)点眼薬の 効用と副作用の説明,緑内障, ドライアイの症状と治療についての整理,3)傾聴し,受容的な態度と希望時質問などの代弁などの看護活動を行った。 その結果,疾患-の理解が高まり,不安なく治療と受診が継続され,緑内障のコントロールに成功した
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