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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 看護系大学共用試験「母性看護学」問題の開発と評価
Authors: 竹内, 翔子
片岡, 弥恵子
森, 明子
柳井, 晴夫
Keywords: 臨地実習
student practicum
computer based testing
maternity nursing
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 40
Start page: 28
End page: 34
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 聖路加看護大学
Abstract: 目的 看護系大学共用試験(CBT)用に作成した母性看護学の問題90 項目について評価すること。 方法 研究協力が得られた国公私立の看護系23 大学の臨地実習前の3 年生730 名に筆記試験を実施した。分 析は記述統計量の算出後,問題の妥当性と信頼性を検討するために,主成分分析によって問題を精選し,クロン バックα係数,他科目との相関を算出した。 結果 母性看護学の平均正答率は51.6 ~ 57.9%であり,主成分分析によって22 ~ 26 項目を分析対象とした。 クロンバックのα係数は0.593 ~ 0.694 と中程度の信頼性を示し,母性看護学合計点と総合得点,基礎医学問題 合計点,看護専門科目合計点との相関はそれぞれ正の相関を示した(p<.001)。 結論 学生の臨地実習への準備状態の判定に対し,今回作成した母性看護学問題の妥当性は高いと考えられる。
Abstract-Alternative: Purpose To evaluate 90 items in a maternity nursing that created for a computer based nationwide achievement test(CBT)at nursing universities. Method A written monitoring survey was conducted by 730 university nursing students from 23 public and private nursing universities before starting clinical practice in hospitals or health facilities. We analysed the results using percentage of correct answers, principal component analysis, Cronbach’s coefficient alpha, and pearson product-moment correlation coefficient between total score of maternity nursing and other subjects. Result The average percentage of correct answers for maternity nursing were between 51.6 and 57.9%. Cronbach’s coefficient alpha was moderate(0.593 - 0.694). Correlation coefficient between total score of maternity nursing and total scores of all academic subjects, basic medical sciences, and specialized in nursing subjects was positive(p<.001). Conclusion Items in a maternity nursing that created for CBT had high validity. It can be regarded as adequate assessment of nursing students’ readiness for clinical practice in hospital or health facilities.
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