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NII Resource type: Departmental Bulletin Paper
Title: 東日本大震災の女性支援活動報告 -復興期における取り組み-
Other Titles: Women Support Project for Great East Japan Earthquake - Revival Period to Closing our Project -
Authors: 篠原, 枝里子
五十嵐, ゆかり
加藤, 千穂
小黒, 道子
蛭田, 明子
横田, 実恵子
和田, 文緒
Keywords: 東日本大震災
Great East Japan Earthquake
support for women
support for disaster victims
disaster nursing
Shimei: 聖路加看護大学紀要
Issue: 40
Start page: 85
End page: 89
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 聖路加看護大学
Abstract: 本プロジェクトは,NPO 法人難民支援協会と協力し,東日本大震災発生直後の3 月より岩手県陸前高田市を活動拠点とし,助産師・看護師による女性の支援を実施してきた。 2011 年8 月に陸前高田市の避難所の閉鎖に伴い,支援の場を仮設住宅や公民館に移し,対象者のニーズに合わせ活動の内容を変化させていった。ここでは,復興期の2011 年8 月から2012 年2 月の活動終了に伴う支援移譲に至るまでの女性支援の取り組みについて報告する。主な取り組みとしては,震災当初より行っていた「なっても袋」の配布継続と「女性のための健康相談会」を実施し,その中でハンドマッサージを実施しながらの健康相談や,アロマクラフト作成などのワーク,尿漏れ体操の実施等を行った。また,母親を亡くした思春期女子のための性教育パンフレットの作成,月経に関する「ガールズセット」の配布と性教育の実施を行った。また支援移譲に際し,女性たちから多く聞かれた健康問題であった尿漏れのパンフレットの作成を行い,地域の病院と共同した。
Abstract-Alternative: Since April 2011, a month after the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake, our project has been corroborate with Japan Association for Refugee to support mainly for women aspect to protections and supplies offer beside consultations of women’s health conducted by nurse-midwives at Rikuzen takata city, Iwate prefecture, Japan. Due to closing of shelter at August 2011, we shifted providing care at shelter to temporary houses and community centers, also we change and expand providing care for women as women’s change of their needs. We report our providing care from revival period to until February 2012, closing our project. We were conducted health consulting support for women’s health, and supplies offer by nurse-midwives as we provided since we start this project. Besides, we conduct hand massage when consulting, and made aroma crafts with women for relaxation care. We also include physical exercise and exercise to prevent incontinent as part of care sometimes. There are demand to make sexual education pamphlets which includes menstruation and self protection for girls who have lost their mother. We conducted menstruation education to girls using original pamphlets, and also provide “girls set” which include supply for menstruation. Although, as we close our project, we made pamphlet about incontinent which was health concern for women at disaster area and corroborate with community hospital for transfer of the care.
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The kind of text : Publisher
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/11710
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