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種類: Departmental Bulletin Paper
タイトル: Annual Report St.Luke's College of Nursing WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Development in Primary Health Care.
著者: WHO Collaborating Committee
Hishinuma, Michiko
Tashiro, Junko
Mori, Akiko
Naruse, Kazuko
Sakai, Yoshiko
Oshikawa, Yoko
Noguhci, Miwako
Saito, Kazuko
Kusakari, Junko
Inoue, Tomoko
キーワード: WHO Collaborating Centre
Primary Health Care
St.Luke's College of Nursing
発行年月日: 1999年9月
出版者: St.Luke's College of Nursing
抄録: (From Forward)This centre was designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Nursing Development in Primary Health Care in May, 1990. One of the terms of reference of this centre is the development of nursing models in Primary Health Care (PHC) in the developed country. PHC is the basic concept of the medical and health care activities. The most important point of PHC is that the people are center and health professionals are the partner of the people in the health care activities. We pointed out another three important points of PHC. They are the necessity of the education for health workers, the health care is acceptable in the culture of the area or the country, and all people can access equally to the health service. We described our center’s activities of year 2002 from the view points of PHC. The activities of our centre are nursing practice, nursing research, nursing education, international collaboration, and the political and administrative activities for the promoting these nursing activities in Japan. This annual report is separated two parts. Part one is the annual report according to the terms of reference, and the latter is the abstracts of research papers concerning to the activities of our centre. Because of this construction is almost all of our research papers were written in Japanese, so the research outcomes were not shared in the world. I hope to share the information about our activities and please let me know your comments for our future activities.
本文の種類: publisher
リンクURL: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/11644
出現コレクション:WHO Collaborating Center for Nursing Development in Primary Health Care


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