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種類: Departmental Bulletin Paper
タイトル: 聖路加看護大学:その発足とあゆみ(その1 1920~1941)
タイトル別表記: The history of St. Luke's College of Nursing -1920 - 1945 -
著者: 前田, あや
掲載誌: 聖路加看護大学紀要
号: 5
開始ページ: 1
終了ページ: 27
発行年月日: 1978年7月1日
ISSN: 02892863
抄録別表記: St. Luke's College of Nursing has been known as the only one higher educational institution for nursing until the end of the Second World War. It has the history of over 50 years. Many people who are interested in St. Luke's College of Nursing have written about the story of its establishiment and its educational situation. The first history of St. Luke's College of Nursing was published at the time of its fiftieth anniversary in 1970. The foundation of St. Luke's College of Nursing was laid by the Dr. Teusler in 1920 as St. Luke's International Hospital School of Nursing. Dr. Teusler made his every endeavor to establish St. Luke's College of Nursing in order to train good nurses for Japanese people. St. Luke's College of Nursing has been suported by the St. Luke's International Hospital. St. Luke's College of Nursing has not been able to make the progress as we see today without the support of the hospital. The Chairman of the Board of Trustee of the St. Luke's International Hospital has said that it is very important to see back the origin of the relationship between the Hospital and the St. Luke's Kango Daigaku. The St. Luke's Kango Daigaku is planning to organize the graduate course. It would be worthwhile to study the root of the establishment of St. Luke's Kango Daigaku for the future development.
リンクURL: http://hdl.handle.net/10285/107


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