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A decision aid regarding long-term tube feeding targeting substitute decision makers for cognitively impaired older persons in Japan: A small-scale before-and-after study

Decision-making for use of services for the elderly in the Lomg-Term Care Insurance in Japan

Design of educational programs for international nursing collaborators in Japan: Evidence-based curricula

Designing Curriculum of International Nursing in Master's program,

Designing Curriculum of International Nursing in Master's program, JAPAN-CAPACITY Building for International collaborator for strengthen Nursing and Midwifery

Designing Picture Book of the Body for 5-6 Year Olds:Teaching Basic Knowledge about Health.
Goto, Katsura; Hishinuma, Michiko; Shiraki, Kazuo; Ookubo, Nobuko; Sakyo, Yumi; Nakayama, Hisako; Ishimoto, Akiko; Arimori, Naoko; Iwanabe, Kyoko; Matsutani, Miwako
Desmenorrhea among Japanese Women

Determining patient comfort in the CCU:Development of criteria and a assessment tool of comfort that promoting their recovery for bed bathing for patients with intra-aortic balloon pumps.
Sakurai, Fumino; Inoue, Tomoko
Developing a Japanese Purpose-Focused Public Health Nursing (JPPHN) Model for Practice, Education, and Research (Report 1)

Developing an International Dysphagia Screening for Acute Stroke Patients
Prendergast Virginia; Okubo, Nobuko
Developing Midwives Using Women-Centered Care: A New Way of Improving Maternal Health in Tanzania

Developing Terminology for Public Health Nursing Practice: Clarifying the Meaning of PHN Activities

Developing terminology for public health nursing practice:Clarifying the meaning of PHN activities
Anzai, Yukiko; Magilvy, Kathy; Asahara, Kiyomi; Murashima, Sachiyo; Taguchi, Atsuko; Miyazaki, Toshie; Sato, Noriko; Sakai, Taichi; Arimoto, Azusa; Yoshioka, Kyoko; Omori, Junko
Developing the JPPHN Model (Report 2): Dimention 1 "Creating the Basis for Support"

Developing the JPPHN Model (Report 3): Dimention 2 "Working with Individuals/ Families"

Developing the JPPHN Model (Report 4): Dimention 3 "Working with the Community"

Development and Cost Effectiveness of a Telenursing System for Home Oxygen Therapy Patients and an Educational Program for Telenuerses
Tomoko Kamei, Nobuaki Kamei,Sumio Murase
Journal of eHealth Technology and Application. 5 (3) :304-308 (2013-01-22T03:35:16Z)
Development and Cost Effectiveness of a Telenursing System for Homr Oxygen Therapy Patients and an educational Program for Telenurses
Kamei, Tomoko; Kamei, Nobuaki; Murase, Sumio
Journal of eHealth Technology and Application,5(3).. 5 (3) :304-308 (2007-09)
Development and evaluation of a nursing ethics educational program for graduate schools(査読有り)

検索結果表示: 396 - 415 / 10426
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