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The Background to the World "Nursing" Found in the Writings of Florence Nightingale

Behavioral interventions to reduce the transmission of HIV infection among sex workers and their clients in high-income countries.
Ota, E; Wariki, WM; Mori, R; Hori, N; Shibuya, K
Cochrane Database Systematic Reveiws. 7 (12) (2011-12)
Behavioral interventions to reduce the transmission of HIV infection among sex workers and their clients in low- and middle-income countries
Windy, MV Wariki; Ota, Erika; Mori, Rintaro; Koyanagi, Ai; Hori, Narumi; Shibuya, Kenji
Cochrane Database Systematic Reviews. 15 (2) (2012-02)
Behavioral Patterns of Japanese public health nurses in response to conflict with other professionals
Miyazaki, Toshie; Umeda, Maki; Omori, Junko; Asahara, Kiyomi; Momose, Yumiko; Sakai, Masako; Nagae, Hiroko; Kato, Noriko
Being a Good Grandparent: Roles and Expectations in Intergenerational Relationships in Japan and Singapore
Marriage & Family Review. 47:548-570 (2011)
Bi-Regional Forum of Health Care Organizations on People-Centered Health Care
田代, 順子
Bi-Regional Forum of Medical Training Institutions on People-Centered Health Care
Tashiro, Junko
Book Review コンセンサスビルデイング入門
ケアマネジメント学. 10:74-74 (2012-03-20)
Book Review 百歳回想法
ケアマネジメント学. (2) :108 (2003-12-20)
Brain-machine interface(BMI)-A novel neurotechnology to translate thoughts into action to help paralyzed patients <Moderator>

Breast Awareness 支援のプログラム開発とプロセス評価
吉野, 都; 江藤, 宏美
British Association for Applied Linguistics
深谷, 計子; Horiba, Yukie
BS-TBS 女子才彩 予防こそ最大の防御! ゲスト
堀, 成美
Canonical correlations associated with symmetric reflexive g-inverse of the dispersion matrix

Canonical correlations with linear constraints

Capacity Building of Women Volunteer Group in Union of Myanmar : Material and Child Health in the Rural Regions 2003-2004

CAPTER 4 事例展開 意識不明の父親への面会時、患者に近づけない娘への看護.

CAPTER 4 事例展開 持続鎮静・鎮痛中の母親の代理意思決定者であった息子への看護.

CAPTER 4 事例展開 母親の回復の奇跡を信じつづける娘たちへの看護.

CAPTER 4 事例展開 診察待機中に心肺停止になった患児の両親への看護.

検索結果表示: 275 - 294 / 10426
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