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【AACN synergy model for patient care】 AACN synergy model for patient careとは よりよい看護実践とCNSに必要な能力

看護研究. 42 (3) :207-216 (2009)
Access to the Asbestos Hazard Warning Information Site for Children and Parent

Activities of the Japan Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing to Support People Affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Tanaka M, Usami S, Ambo H, Okawa T, Kido Y, Koyama T, Takahashi Y, Chikazawa N, Hamada Y, Yamauchi N.
Acute Care Nursing for Patients with Cerebrovascular Disease: Preventive care for anticipated disuse syndrome in the chronic stage


井部, 俊子
All Together Health IV Conference
Ishikawa, Satoko; Ehara, Yoshihiro; Abe, Yoshihiro; Iijima, Shiro; Fukushima, Noriko; Kobayashi, Shizuko; Matsutani, Miwako; Fukushima, Osamu
小山田, 恭子
American Association for Cancer Research (Corresponding member)

American Association for Critical Care Nurses National Teaching Institute

American Public Health Association

American Public Health Association 138th Meeting

The American Public Health Association 140th Annual Meeting and Exposition

American Urological Association (Corresponding member)

An Analysis of Online Health Counseling Content on a Website Administered by a Nursing College
Yumi, Sakyo; Kazuhiro, Nakayama
聖路加看護学会誌. 20 (1) :35-40 (2016-07)
An education program for pregnant adolescent using peers in Tanzania : A quasi-experimenental study
Beatrice, Mwilike
Analysis of clinical nurse's observations of patients with protracted consciousness disturbance-basis for determining improvement of their consciousness level
Nobuko Okubo, Minako Shiro, Taeko Noujyo
Proceedings of the 11th Annual Meeting of the Society for Treatment of Coma. 11:3-8 (2002)
The analysis of ethical issues of home care nursing in Japan
Sakai, Masako; Nagae, Hiroko; Miyazaki, Toshie; Omori, Junko; Asahara, Kiyomi
The Analysis of Ethical Issues of Home Care Nursing in Japan

Analysis of information-seeking behavior of breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy

検索結果表示: 221 - 240 / 10426
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